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E. Lloyd Hiebert M.D., CASC

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Dr. Lloyd Hiebert, President of HUG-U-VAC, has been a Board Certified Anesthesiologist for over thirty years. During his practice he designed surgical patient positioners for Orthopedic, Cardio-Thoracic, Urological and Neurological procedures. Dr. Hiebert also designed the surgical positioner of choice for use with the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System. HUG-U-VAC positioners have become the standard of care for human surgical patient positioning.


While in practice, Dr. Hiebert owned an exotic animal farm with more than 150 animals. Consequently, he developed relationships with veterinarians who desired the same positioning technology for their practices. Through consultation with veterinarian colleagues, Dr. Hiebert designed a head positioner and five body positioners which have become the standard of care in veterinary positioning. HUG-U-VAC positioners are being used for virtually any surgical procedure, dental procedures, ultrasound, X-ray, myelograms and CT scans. HUG-U-VAC veterinary positioners are now in use in the majority of United States veterinary schools, multi-specialty veterinary hospitals and hundreds of veterinary clinics in North America, Asia, Europe and the US Military.


HUG-U-VAC Medical

Interested in lateral, supine and laparoscopic surgical HUG-U-VAC positioners that were designed for the operating room?  Your patient safety concerns have been addressed in every detail of design. See how our positioners can improve your patient's surgical experience.


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