Versatile Head Positioner for Veterinary Challenges


Conforms to the head and neck to provide head positioning for cranio-facial, dental, eye and neuro surgery.


Precise Head Positioning for:


• Any size head

• Microscopic surgery

• Radiological exams of head and neck

Procedures in the ventral, dorsal or lateral position.


The HUG-U-VAC Advantage


• Conforms to the contours of the head and neck

• Prevents pressure sores

• X-ray Lucent

• Does not impede cervical venous outflow - improves hemostasis

• Easily cleaned


Lateral Position

Ventral Position

Dorsal Position

Instructions for Use


Designed to:

• Conform to head and neck anatomy

• Prevent cervical venous outflow impedance

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Patent #6318372B1

Domestic & Foreign Patents Pending

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