Perfect for Situations without in-line Suction

Made from high-quality aluminum and black delrin, the manual vacuum pump is ideal for activation of positioners when surgical suction is not available.

Ideal for situations without in-line suction:

• Field Use

• Office Use

• Hospital Use


HUG-U-VAC Manual Vacuum Pump

Custom engineered to ensure long life and weather resistance:

• Aluminum barrel

• Stainless steel piston rod

• Nylon piston

• Black delrin cylinder caps

• Brass hose barb

• Vacuum tube designed for secure Pump/Positioner connection


Specifically engineered to activate the HUG-U-VAC positioners


• Stroke volume - 41 cubic inches per stroke


• Vacuum - 15 inches Hg with 20 lbs. pulling force

Patent #6318372B1

Domestic & Foreign Patents Pending

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