Learn More About HUG-U-VAC Animal Positioners

for Veterinary Practices

Five different-sized positioners provide secure and comfortable support for dorsal, lateral and ventral positioning.huguvac veterinary positioners in 5 sizes

  • Five different sized positioners
  • Vacuum activated – use manual vacuum pump or in-line suction
  • Use for multiple surgical procedures
  • Use for dorsal, lateral or ventral positioning
  • Conforms to anatomical contours
  • Prevents pressure sores

Secure Veterinary Positioning

System Advantages

  • Designed for Office, Hospital and Field Use
  • Conforms Gently to Body Contours
  • Pressure Sore Prevention
  • Secure head and neck support
  • Body Heat Conservation
  • Emergency Fracture Stabilization
  • Secure Head and Neck Support
  • X-Ray Lucent
  • Easily Cleaned
Huguvac animal positioner

Vet Positioning for

  • Pre-op Prep – shaving or sterile scrub
  • Surgery – ventral, dorsal or lateral position
  • Post-op Recovery – prevent aspiration
  • Radiological Exams – precise positioning for accurate x-rays
  • Ultrasound and CT scans
  • Emergency Transport
  • Newborn Care – positioning and heat conservation
HUGUVAC large dog veterinary positioning


  • High quality evacuation valve provides quick, positive on-off control of air flow. Thumb latch controls spring loaded dual
  • oupling evacuation valve.
  • Valve lock prevents accidental deactivation of the positioner.
  • Animal limbs are restrained with straps at positioner corners.

Positioner Specifications and Dimensions

specifications for hug-u-vac veterinary positioners
five sizes of huguvac veterinary positioners