Restraining Limbs has Never Been Easier

Throw away the ropes and tape!

Animal limbs can now be comfortably and securely restrained.

Each HUG-U-VAC positioner comes with four restraint straps for restraint of the animal’s limbs at each corner of the positioner.

  • Restraint strap at each corner of the positioner
  • Cam buckles make the straps adjustable to each animal
  • Wide and comfortable straps that do not injure animal
  • Strong durable strap
  • Cam buckle that makes each strap adjustable
  • Easily cleaned
  • Black polypropylene 3/4 inch webbing
  • Black acetal 3/4 inch Cam Buckle
  • Length – 18 inches
hug-u-vac positioner
hug-u-vac restraint straps image
hug-u-vac restraint straps image